I AM P.A.M. Is my self movement to propel myself out of learned helplessness and inauthenticity. The natural wholeness and clarity of a child then De -evolution, de-evolution evolving back to wholeness. Pure Unconscious Connection to Disconnection to Conscious Connection. Enlightenment?

I want to function again. My mother is a controlling narcisist, she eroded my functionality. It hurts really bad to uncover every layer of myself that was never loved. My heart has been broken. In order to heal my broken heart I cry, medidate, practice various methods of deep sincere self care. I surrender to the nature of my deepest feelings. I need Nature, The Mother and The Father. Ahhhh, then finally I can Perform As Myself.

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  1. Pam,

    It is very brave of you to share your stories. Your honest and raw portrayal of your experiences and wisdom are connecting with my very soul. You have my support. Your second biggest fan. SM

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