About Aya

For those looking for accreditation of Aya is a certified Reiki Healer, Reflexologist, Astro-Vaastu Practitioner and her oracle healing gifts are passed down from a long lineage of shamans both light and dark that go as far back as no one could ever possibly remember with the conscious mind. Everything that Aya is because the Creator placed these gifts inside of her to offer. She lives her life like buddhist monk nun who is always learning, re-dedicating, and purging herself to get closer and closer to spirit. She she is communion and communication with the herbal kingdom, animal kingdom, elemental kingdom, the Ancestor realm, the fairy, the demons, and anything that she is supposed to know she knows. What she isn’t supposed to know or what isn’t a part of her ministry she will do her best to send you to someone she knows and trust that can assist you. Peace to All.

Aya was born in Harrisburg, PA to a young 18 year old mother and drug addict father. None who which were prepared for life. Our childhoods are continuation of past life (karmic lessons mixed with dharma) and this lifetime was a continuation of an initiation process where Aya was set learn to let go of attachments in ways that most would find arbituary. Because of her parents neglect she was forced into communion with the Spirit realm at very young age and found darkness and also the Light. She saw demons around her and also Angels. She found that muse was her mother. Writing, singing, dancing, painting, sewing, studying, and wisdom became her mother, father, and siblings. Living in a narcissistic family system she became overly identified with herself as the Scapegoat/Empath of the family and had to escape from the tower that entrapped to find her true love. As she walked through the valley of the shadow of death she purged her false identity in the healing darkness of her painful loneliness she broke through a lot of her fears including fears from past lives. She was no longer afraid of the dark but found that the darkness is an ally. She re-membered who she was and reconnected lost soul parts and continues to heal and re-connect until this day. Within this very symbolic journey she became obsessed with the science of the mind, metaphysics, and the phenomenon of shamanic soul retrieval. You can find the beginnings of her healing processes here . . .

She thought she was supposed to be superstar of this world but found out that her gifts are more suited to be used in conjunction with GOD/GODDESS. She surrendered her will unto the heavens and the Divine directs all her gifts and uses her gifts to assist humanity in healing. She shares her wisdom, prayers, songs, and chants generously here . .

The Temple Woman

Aya has been a shaman, medicine woman, vizier, gypsy, princess, fairy, homeless little boy that trained animals, a native american slave that got thrown in jail, and many other personas in past lives. Learning lessons of victimhood, power, letting go, and living in service to the people. This lifetime she is learning to live on the Lotus Path. She isn’t to hide away from humanity in a cave, in a temple, in a jail cell, in the woods, or in a castle. Her challenge is to remain loving and humble living amongst those who don’t believe that love doesn’t exist. Living amongst those who would try to annihilate her for audacity to live in her full light in joy. She is to learn to get her sustenance not from this world but from the CREATOR. She is continuously learning this lifetime to find her joy from the Tree of Life so that she can share that joy with others. She is here this lifetime to be a modern interpretation of a temple woman. Dedicating her life to her true love, GOD/GODDESS, Yahweh/Sophia. A feminine liaison between the spirit realm and the physical world. Through the wildness of primal life force energy in connection to spirit that can’t be contained even in the human temple. She teaches by example that discipline is the only way to experience freedom and following the moon cycles, the tree of life cycles, the angelic cycles, the tzolkin cycles, and the my-raid of ancient teachings that show us over and over again to get in sync with the eternal cycles that assist us in rising in consciousness. Rising in consciousness is about having the intangible qualities of our CREATOR. All of this so that you can stay on the path towards enlightenment and become aware of what and who you are. She gives practical tools, teachings, remedies, magic, healing, and generously offers her true Self in sacrifice to Spirit for the love of those in her care. She handles the business of the temple by keeping GOD’s children in ritual to the rites of passages. You can sign up for her workshops, patreon, academy, private sessions here . . .

Aya’s Angels

Aya’s Angels follows the cycles of the 72 Angels of God- Consciousness starting with Angel #1 on the day of the spring equinox. The group learns how to chat with these angels on a daily basis, staying in the communion with attributes of the CREATOR. We do this because these are our attributes. We and all creation are made in the image of Yahweh. If we aren’t diligent in our spiritual practice of becoming more and more like the CREATOR we descend into darkness creating hell on earth for ourselves and others. Working with Angels you will often find yourself in synchronicity, in step with Spirit, growing more full of joy, and yet continuously releasing human distortions. Aya’s Angels meet every second Sunday for the whole year. On Patreon Aya leaves an update every 6 days after the change of each Angel. She also discusses the Arabic Moon Mansion of that day and pull oracle. During Sunday Temple Service every 2nd Sunday we chant and read from the Nasarean Essene Holy Megillah Sign up here . .


Aya’s Academy is for naturally called oracles, healers, shamans, astrologist, readers, medicine men and women who feel matched in frequency with Aya as a teacher. She will most likely call you out yet synchronicity would have that a lot of you ask me to teach you. The textbook will be using is the The Trigger Happy Workbook. And this book will be used loosely as most of the class will be hands on clinic.

Mission & Message

Aya’s life as a spiritual practitioner has come as a natural progression of what was once unknown being made known. Her lifestyle is a lifestyle of trauma healing and soul retrieval as she has found that the methodology in her workbook works daily. She offers her medicine that has created freedom for her to all who resonate. She knows that there are many healers and lots of choices. There are great choices and not so great choices in this world so she offers a consultation so that you can get to know her a little better and ask her any questions you would like. She is an Artist as are most shamans and she puts her art in her products that she sells at festivals and on her online shop. All of her products are lovingly handmade with reverence the Divine that exist within THE ALL. The mission is to lay a foundation for future generations of children to not have to deal with the burden of the type darkness that is experienced by HSP’s. Although, this has been a part her awakening and she is grateful for the role that everyone has been contracted to play part rising in consciousness for all of humanity is to reach back down the ladder and assist others. Peace, Peace, Peace.

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