Being Nice causes destruction| Important Step Your Growth for Yourself and Your Soul Tribe

The etymology of the word nice is stupid, foolish, senseless, needy careless, clumsy, weak, poor, simple & silly. This brought to mind the archetype of Snow White.

Sensitive people who don’t want to do any harm to anything living take on the archetype depicted by snow white. This innocence, purity, and beauty needs protection and Snow White is wide open. All of life is attracted to her. The birds (intuition), the dwarves (fragmented guides of the earth), the forest (mother nature), and also the witch (her fragmented shadow self). Snow White being so fragmented is at a disadvantage against her predator. As the witch plots and plans to take away dignity and steal her identity Snow White sells her self out each time. This is a representation of what happens to many of us in childhood. We dont start off defenseless psychicly but learn quick if we dont want to be abandoned we have sell ourselves short. Being nice breaks your spirit. Snow White fell asleep after eating a poisoned apple. Lucky for her it just happened to her once. A lot of sensitives eat this poison not just from our parents, but at school, in social circles, at work, at church, and during sexual rituals. The sleep comes like a death, numbness, of the soul life that is hidden beneath the surface of all interactions. Why do we go through this? Being nice is a part of thr fight, flight, or freeze mechanism. We freeze into a nice and sweetrobot and we forget who we really are after many years of selling ourselves out. When the poison has fragmented your soul from your body and your life force energy is suppressed you will face your fear of death. The inner knight in shining armour will come with bravery to let you see you have more a choice to assert yourself than you thought you did. That is when your divine intelligence is activated to call your fragments back into your body. The next time you awaken it will be met with love from your handsome prince. Which is a representation of newfound common sense of hiw to handle conflict, protect your borders, and self love. The predators and the poison will remain. They will be mad at you for no longer accepting the poisnous apples. The poison that was meant for you will turn in on them. And you will see what you feared. The face of the witch, which is what was and will be projected onto you. Sensitive people don’t like to be the bad guy. But in order to have a safe world for Snow Whites the spiritual warrior has to also be a bad guy to the bad guys. Dont take it personal when they get mad at you. And don’t eat that damn apple from anybody that looks like that. What the hell was she thinking?

Venus Libra Opposite Chiron Aries

You are meeting your Soul Tribe right now. Mars keeps trecking his way back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius. Letting you work on and perfect your part within your collective village. As you prepare yourself you are titrating back and forth from being alone to meeting your tribe. I have a question for you . . . Who told you that all your soulmates were going to be on your side and nice to you? All the gods and goddesses dont get along. There are some relationships that are meant to be chaotic in the cosmos. As above so below. You are optimistic thinking positive thoughts not thinking you may have to bring out your most protective side during this transit. Just in case Chiron in Aries is sitting on ready. Libra in Venus is in danger of seeing what she wants to see. Chiron in Aries is that good good girlfriend who has their sneakers, hoodie, and vaseline in the trunk while you are busy giving that person who has 20/11 red flags the benefit of the doubt. Why does Libra do that? Fear of death and destruction of relationships. The Goddesses Durgas can assist you with that.

These archetypes are not here to scare us but to assist us and show us that is a normal part of The universe to be beautiful and fiercely protective. The loving mother Durga is destructive and cleanses the earth of evil. When your boundaries have been broken the is the mother goddess that needs embracing. Chiron in Aries will bring to your attention when you have had enough! Your soul mate relationships (some pleasant, some not so much) are going to be your catalyst for the much desired change you have been desiring. You want glow up in confidence. Being nice in your family systems didnt allow for the truth of who are to emerge naturally. As a spiritual healer and spiritual being we have been lied to and told that being positive (nice) is a always best and that you are only spiritual if you are a positive shining star of light beaming bright for all the world to see . . . lies! As if you arent still that bright light if you have boundaries. These transits are potentials for you to test your newfound identity in social settings and find your footing, gain new strategy, grow in confidence, and become more self actualized. Being nice lowers your defenses too low and sends a message that you are ok with whatever is happening to you even if its damaging. Not being nice to some is simply being honest. Be wise, be fruitful, be kind, but never nice.

Mars 2° Aquarius Sextile Chiron 2° Aries | Migrating Towards Your Soul Tribe |Sudden Change in Self Assurance | Getting Clear About Your New Healing Direction

Today I was looking over the transits of my astrology chart because I find I see something new everyday. It reminds me of being in a planetarium and watching the sky second by second. And I’ve been doing a ton more transformational and little predictive astrology readings for clients lately. That has been a sudden change for me and my healing practice.

Mars 2° Aquarius

We are looking at a possible head on collusion when it comes to iconoclast of major incentive energy. But instead of a clash we find two leaders shaking hands and having private, yet out in the open, conversations that may effect the direction of humanity forever. Babyboomers who are aware of their soul were called names like beatniks, flower children, and druggies. They paved the way for this new woke movement but they are not super represented by their controlled generation and not given their props by the new woke movement. But without all of their very deep transcendental channeling of the universe we would not Be Here Now (That’s a book title, a great book, read it). And their willingness to move practically with universe and bring the energy down to earth, for better and for worst, is what manifest the harsh but real realities that we believe we want to break free from. These often controlling unpleasant catalysts drive the human experiment to higher heights. First descending to the depths of darkness and rising to our true intimacy and grace. So all is the goddess. Mars is movement from the soul and Uranus is movement out of fustration. Aquarius really shines when there is conformity that chaifes. Mars 2° in Aquarius is using the eyes and hears of a soul tribe member to help you get over a hump of awakening to how much faith you need to have in yourself in order to move with your the flock. You are being called by the universe to remove the blocks and the blinders and get in formation. We are programs afterall.

Chiron 2° Aries

You are preparing to shake off the shackles you have been wearing, caring what others think about you. (Libra opposition) Focus on your own reflection. You may find yourself playing the supportive role of someone doing far worst than you today. Emotionally you are struggling like a woman in spanx ungracefully removing herself from her second but unreal skin. Wondering, why the hell do I do this to myself? For the last 7 years Chiron has been in pisces getting you in touch with worst parts of your humanity while simultaneously you saw the best parts of your humanity. Whatever house Pisces is in your natal chart you delusionally put your heart and in soul into making something, somewhere, or someone work that absolutely no chance. Not a brass farthing. ( My Fair Lady reference) But you had to get this point if sick and tired of being sick and tired. Sometimes the rabbit hole has no happy ending. It’s just tragic. That’s enough if that, says Aries, in conversation and in life experiences. Now that Chiron is in Aries, Aries demands to know why you you were so silly to waste your time in those non-sensical ways. The warrior goddess demands that you shake it off, and right now mind you, and get your head back in the game and use your desire, passion, and whatever other skills you have to truly get on the horse and ride. You have someone to be. You will see a new go-getter emerge in the next 7 years.

Mars 2° Aquarius sextile Chiron 2° Aries

Most likely just for today and tomorrow, unless mars is retrograde, you have this unique opportunity to jumpstart your new way of being in the world. Today wonder, “why do I care what others think about me again?” Remember Aries is in opposition to Libra. Aries is trying all your codependent tendencies but with a double helping of mars energies you can win over placating Libra anxiety ridden people-pleasing. You can realize there is so much more you could get done if you didn’t view yourself the way you gave been for so long. You can remove the double mindedness, your incentive, and then the actions you thought others wanted from you. Today this doubled mindedness may seem idiotic, if it does, great! You are on the right track. You can see yourself as capable, you can see the ways you can trust yourself, you can see all the ways you can stand on your own. But not without calling someone in your Soul Tribe to make sure they approve of the changes you are thinking of making. That’s 2° for you.

Full Moon Capricorn | Acceptance of Your Flaws | Mirror Mirror on the Wall|Self-Care vs. Self-Critcism |

The Moon aspects to Capricorn is something I know all too well. There is a blaring Moon conjunct Saturn in my 2nd house in Libra. As I write this I cringe but I also feel compelled to tell you about it, girl so pull up a chair. My experience with my controlling, overbearing, histrionic, narci-mom, and the band of  hardcore emotionally stunted women that came before her (my grandmother & great grandmother) was a consistent uncomfortable emotional breakdown that I had to face all my life.  Along with an aristocratic delusional fantasy.  From the latter I learned to carry to myself with pride, to hold my head up high, and that if I don’t have any money I don’t have to look like it. Very much Capricorn allowances. Me: “but what about my feelings?” Them: “Girl what about your feelings? You better suck it up and move on.”  On the flip-side in order for them to be pleased with me, which they never were, I had to stuff my hurt feelings. And since they are were hurt all the time by the shrewd judgment and the lack of wiggle room for my identity I had the hard times being seen, heard and felt. The lack of intimacy in my life was glaring and my string of  co-dependent relationships (friendships and lovers) where I often begged for reciprocity is just one symptom. The other symptoms are not knowing my limits, pushing myself too hard, not knowing when enough is enough, and not trusting my inner knowing.  So, the aspects of this full moon will bring up discomfort that may trigger your inner critic instead of being sensitive to your feelings. Sometimes we need to push through and sometimes we need to love ourselves through.4ea347f684b61e72afa226b77159303f--princess-serenity-moon-art

Moon/Capricorn is about how we treat the parts of us that we see as a weakness. These lessons in my life have led to a painful lose of my sensitivity and then the heroes journey of working hard to gain it back. The heroes journey back to being one with my inner child has given me adult wisdom and understanding towards this human condition. This pain that this full moon can lead to feelings of self-defeat which can be a bottomless pit. Which can lead to a obsessively wanting to get rid of feeling like something is wrong or the sense that “I am bad.” If we feel that we are bad, we will treat ourselves and others bad.  Don’t walk on egg-shells and put the covers over head in defeat or depression. There are no issues that are bigger than the source of all life.  Face the monster you think has reared its ugly head in the mirror. The answer is to up your self-care quotient and turn that monster into a fair princess. Know that your rhythms will sometimes leave  send you high flying and other times low in the valley. Take this opportunity to reach out to your soul community. Do some hand massages with each other and bring a box of tissues. This full moon has brought out for me just how over my relationship with my narci-mom really is. Its never going to be the perfect mother-daughter experience that I’ve always wanted. In order for me to move on to explore other areas that have more energy flow I have to accept that blaring flaw just the way it is.

Full Moon in Sagittarius|May 2018|Emerging Fully On Your Unique Path | TRUST Your SELF | Sacred Revolution

We were enchanted by the New Moon in Sagittarius 6 months ago, which, was the perfect reassuring oracle that exclaimed that you can dream and you are promised to live your dreams. You were told that you can go within and pull from your highest dreams and desires and prepare to receive your wishes from the universal genie in 6 months. The New Moon in Sagittarius was preparation of the wonderment of what was possible. Now the Full Moon in Sagittarius is shining a light on the freedom that is before you and the magical life that is there for the taking. This is not an energy you can possess because it can be here today and gone tomorrow. Meaning, jump on the horse now. I have a feeling if you don’t grab a hold of the opportunities now you will regret not trusting your higher intelligence. Sagittarius is grounded to the earth and high in intelligence at the same time. This energy is like a unicorn galloping and asking you to hop on his back so that you can be whisked off on your one-of-a-kind journey.

centaur sagittariusDo you see the adventure before you?  Have you met eyes with the unicorn or the centaur? Have you decided to hop on his back and go forth on the firefly path? When you jump on a Unicorns back you are no longer in control of your journey. You are dealing with a highly sensitive wild spirited elder being who Trust. Unicorns represent feral innocent energy, purity, and high intelligence.  Centaurs are bestial creatures that hunt and are known for their rowdiness. The next 6 months will be about you following your wild passions into freedom no matter what the peril. Some people will view you as rowdy but your intentions are like the unicorn to be pure, to be purely you. You have never been in this space before with the unique opportunity to live the way you want and even in ways you didn’t know you want. You will be surprised by the support you have by your guardian angels, guides, and archangels. Don’t forget to call on your spiritual team whenever you want. They are are always there fore you. Sagittarius has a unique pure connection with higher consciousness. Luck is on your side, destiny is at your feet, and dharma crowns your head. Let gratitude be on your lips and take on your new responsibilities with joy! You have been lamenting your past decisions, behaviors, and feeling unsure of whether or not you can trust yourself in the here and now.  You don’t have to worry about any of that NOW. You are free to wipe your slate clean, you are forgiven because you have been given the grace of New Beginnings to shine the spot light on your wildest dreams. You don’t have to  feel guilty or unworthy because in more ways than one you have worked through divine grace. You have been immersed in cancer full moons for months now. You have purged your emotions and let go your past. Instead of doubting yourself and the universe, celebrate yourself and the wonderful path of self-love.

Bonus Reading: Crystal Mandala Oracle | Black Obsidian & Goddess Kali

sacred revolution.jpg

You are definitely being kicked out of the nest. Kali is coming to destroy whatever is left of anything that is not working and whatever may is still lingering around that is a part of of your sacred revolution. You may feel out of control of this life change and you will be out of control but you are protected and the Universe is on your side. Stay grounded like the Black Obsidian to your true roots that are connected down from your root chakra into to our Earth Mother Gaia. Spend time with nature and sacrifice some fruit to a tree to show your gratitude. Stay in a space of gratitude as this change occurs and you will keep your energy high no matter what these changes may bring. 

Libra Full Moon | Becoming a Feminine Vessel

I wasn’t expecting to be inspired to write anything. I have been practicing ordinary connection to my body. I have a tendency to over use my mental-psychic gifts. I also need to heal my wound to focus on meeting goals. So I am willing to not work on anything and lay around and just BE even though that stresses my out, aka, it puts me face to face with my wound. My intuition is cracking her gentle nurturing whip on this point with me. So I have no expectations or goals for writing this. I am just going to express myself for the sake of expressing myself. The more I do this, the more I am present, and in tune not with my goals but with essence and loosening my assemblage points, heavy burdens, & misery. I am moving in and out of work. Like a beautiful lanky winding dance. I imagine myself belly dancing in the full moon light for my enjoyment. My rags are flowing, my eyes are open towards the moon & stars, and my silhouette is enveloped in the full moon light. That is when something hypnotic takes over me and my movements become meaningful, full of magical lilu energy. A lot of who I am is for no reason to the non-enchanted. To the naked eye my life has no meaning. Appeasing this perception has been my wound to heal lately, that perspective that I’m not living  up to my potential because I wasn’t born to have goals. My purpose to live. Live and be an example of what its like when you allow and accept. Its a really simple life with a wide range of experiences. But sometimes I get caught up in making goals and I choke the life and meaning out of my life.


This Full Moon in Libra, which is my birth moon has allowed me to see the beauty and purpose in my personal essence. The non-control of the feminine receptivity vessel is an entity and world unto itself and that is what I am, what I have, and what I give. I listen. This listening becomes a mystical experience. Listening becomes absorption of the essence of nature and what your eyes can see becomes a sensation. A sharing happens and a relationship with life holistic ensues. There is a natural healing in the wind blowing through the green-yellow leaves on trees. If you listen you from your window pane you may hear a story of open-ness, allowance, acceptance of what is, and the willingness to let it all fall away when it’s over. Listening without needing to respond is the secret of feminine creation. You don’t have to stress out to make anything happen. You can listen, breathe and absorb the healing gifts, ride the waves that have always been all around you. Libra Full Moon has reached me and touched my spirit and has deadened my resistance to simple rest and enjoyment of the dew drops that I love so much that lay on top of glass blades in the morning. My sensitivity to life is my life. I share it with all of you. Peace to you and Silim (meaning: ‘health to you’ in ancient Akkadian-Sumerian  language)

Virgo Full Moon|Chakra Tarot Reading |Perfecting Your Development | Aligning Your Chakras | Pit Stop

For this reading I pulled Tarot Cards and Runes for each Chakra. I asked spirit simply to show us how to align our chakras. The Virgo Full Moon is a great time to take detailed action to nurture ourselves and find the 0 point of neutrality for the betterment of not only ourselves but humanity.  For you own personal readings go


1 |Root Chakra | The Star XVII | Rune Magic Berkano |Red

Magic can happen within a twinkling of an eye, if you blink you might miss it. You have been planting the right seeds and pulling out the right weeds for months and maybe even years. NOW, right now is the time for an extraordinary transformation and a departure from surviving, procrastination, and low self-esteem to creative inspirational living. When you are inspired by divine energy you will have an abundance to energy to share with the world and those you love. The healing of your root chakra has helped you to develop into a compassionate God/Goddess. You have achieved Self-forgiveness and now you are ready to share your many gifts with the world. Literally out with the old in with the new, next, now. You may have uncomfortable stuck past life issues that are family related that may be too stubborn to just go away.

Meditation Recommendation:  Your Divine Inner Child knows your talents and how far they can take you. Lay on your back and place your hand on your pelvic region and imagine your inner divine mother/father loving your inner divine child from before birth, infancy, toddler, adolescent, teenager, and young adult. Watch this child’s gifts develop. See your Inner Divine Mother guide this blessed child into the heavenly gates of creative/business fulfillment and having it all. Family, Love, Career, Happiness, Healing, and Hope! Focus on the positive growth you are seeing in your life. The seed is sprouting and the shell will fall off naturally.

2 |Sacral Chakra | Vision Quest (Hanged Man) XII |Rune Magic Sowilo | Orange

It is time for you to take the time you need to take to  sift through your life and keep the fish and throw away the bones. Keep the values and beliefs that truly still hold meaning to you. For you are being called to higher level of Self-responsibility.  Clear out past stale energy, be aware of what and who penetrates your space, and start going on those morning jogs. You are being led by your guides to higher level of self-mastery. It is the next common sense step to initiation. Self-understanding may mean a change in morals, values, and interest. Where you may have been into esoteric studies you may not have been into the discipline of transformation. This is a whole new way of living. Finding the foods that fuel you and bring you enjoyment can be a challenge. Studying sexual ritual and understanding the meaning behind the power that you wield in the universe is a new responsibility. And it is a task that you can and must handle. You are going through a test of your will.  It is healthy to achieve fulfillment and you will go on an adventure to find the highest energetic expression of your pleasure.

Daily Ritual Suggestion: Make yourself a calendar according your biorhythms and moon cyclesand make it a daily habit to pay attention to how you feel after you eat, how much sleep you are getting, what exercises your body likes the most, what you watch on television and how it affects you. Make adjustments accordingly


3.Solar Plexus | Ace of Air |Rune Magic Kenaz | Yellow

The truth of who you are. Searching around in the dark for who you are and finding your innermost truth. It is clear to you who you are, what you want and where you are going. You have been a great student super studious and attentive to your lessons. You have been through many trials of weighing decisions because its been a past pattern to force yourself to please others, not wanting to hurt others feelings and now you are standing firm in your yes and your no. Now you will be rewarded with newfound clarity of what is good, what is useful, and what is needed. If you are still struggling with these issues it is only a  matter of time before you say Eureka! I don’t care about what others think about me, I am going to live my best life.

Ritual Practice | Be Decisive. Throw things away. Only keep what really holds meaning and inspiration to you.


4| The Heart | Two of Earth| Rune Magic Wunjo |Green

Your heart is full of Hope, Joy, Expectancy, Prosperity, and Good Luck. In order for your heart chakra to stay open and aligned roll with the punches.  Joy is not promised to you everyday. Change is the only thing that is consistent. One day you are on top of the world and the next day it’s the others turn to receive their 10’s across the board. Stay open and available for success and failure.  Success and Failure are both your divine teachers and all is the Goddess. Joy

5 |The Throat | Four of Air | Rune Magic Thurisaz | Blue

The tarot card and the rune are telling opposite messages to one another. The 4 of Air is saying that the conflict you are experiencing  will take a turn for the best if you play a passive role and give it a rest. Take on a ‘this too shall pass’ attitude. The Thurisaz Rune is telling you to take a stand, stand your ground, and even fight if it comes to blows.  Whatever the experience be true to yourself. It is ok to stand up for yourself, what you believe in and your boundaries. I love this message. It is wise to use discernment when there is conflict because how you use your power of communication is situational. Not all situations call for the same response. The goal of whatever responses you have in life is to make sure you are experiencing movement towards ascension and highest Self.


6 |Third Eye Chakra|The Medicine Man|Rune Magic | Purple

Your Vision is Crystal Clear and you are empowered from within and this because soon you will be blessed by your ancestral spiritual /physical inheritance. Your power is not going to come from force of will but by BEING. Your power is in your essence and this is a part of your inheritance. Its swell of energy that your ancestral line has worked really hard to attain. And you are the focal point of that power. You are in a space that you are willing to help humanity, your community, and your family within the gifts that are given to you by the Goddess. Relax into your BEING & ESSENCE. By Being you will allow the inheritance of your ancestors to materialize in the realm of your existence. This could be physical material possession like homes and land or it could be substantial spiritual gifts. Your ancestors have created a dharma that is all honed in on you at this time.

7 | Crown Chakra | The Three of Fire (R) | Rune Magic Blank | White

You may think that the more effort you put into the your spiritual walk the more rewards you will receive. Like saying a million hail Mary’s to get into heaven. Or spending your life like Mother Theresa being a Marty for the the poor in spirit  and neglecting your own personal needs. To that point Mother Theresa admitted on her death bed that she wished she would have enjoyed her life more and gave herself some pleasure and enjoyment. Fate & the Great Mysteries are at play with you and conspiring with and for your highest and best forward movement towards your calling, mission, love, & fulfillment. So you don’t have to work so hard. You can allow life to support you and wait on the right time, right person, and right ideas to come to you.  You are medium for the mystery to flow with, come to, and be with. The more simple you make your life the easier enlightenment can reveal itself to you. Because its there for you NOW. It always has been NOW and that is the great mystery.




How Do you as a Highly Sensitive Person Protect Your Aura/Energy/Close up Holes?| Stay On Your Path

Having a plan for your life and sticking to it no matter who comes along, what they say, how they make you feel, whether the feelings are pleasurable or stressful can be a huge challenge for HSP’s.  Highly Sensitive Person’s are perfect candidates for charming predators who are great at first impressions. Everyone that we get our lines crossed with isn’t a predator but it may be the programming that gets played out for a lot of Sensitives. If you peel back the tough exterior of a HSP you could find a past that is full of emotional insecurity, self-image distortions, and a deep need for intimate connection that people may confuse with “neediness,” “easiness,” “gullible,” and a need to please. You may be this way because the feeling of your attention is deeply caring to others, people get addicted to the loving detail and the high quality of energetic joy you add to their lives. Add to the fact that you are a genius, talented, multi-faceted, ancient and self-aware at a young age and you have recipe for people in your childhood being insidiously afraid of letting you go. You were never loved in the deep way that you deserve. You are in search for a love that is safe, grounded, authentic, and unconditional. Dear heart you deserve all of this and more. Because I know how powerful your awareness is I am bringing to your attention a flaw for your empowerment.  You can become mesmerized when someone reciprocates your love even if they do not share your life purpose, path, truth, and willingness to live in-tune and in-touch with Spirit.  When u let go of your path you become susceptible to negative self talk and then negative outside talk. Why? You may not be aware of this but what you want to do, you actually need to do. Think gotta do.



Many Highly Intelligent Sensitive Beings have been brainwashed and bamboozled into believing that our innovative whimsical dreams are nonsensical and optional. You have to do what you were born to do. There is a evolutionary built in mechanism inside of you set up by the divine computer, (a good example is how birds know to migrate). Your intuition is hooked up the Great Mother computer, when not listened to, or obeyed, the voice of the goddess goes from being a soft and gentle nudge, synchronicity, signs, birds landing on your shoulder, the wind blowing just for you to your intuition becoming a part of your shadow self in a ball of discomfort curled up and forced to be a violent stress ball of a headache, backache, negative self talk, addictions, co-dependency, anorexia, bulimia, bipolar, neurosis and dark grotesque spiral of distortions too long to list here.  All of this could and has happened because we don’t trust, we dont know, and we don’t believe that our path is important. So we allow ourselves to get off track for our very real deep intimacy needs that never got met as a child. But my love these needs are allowed to be met while you stay on your path. Never again do you have to enter into covenant with those who would have you to choose either or, and if you find yourself thinking either or . . . run!  Why? Because your dreams are important, a must, not optional, not a hobby, not up for discussion, debate, ridicule, to be picked on, or sold out. You are here to make the world a better place by just being you. There is love on that path, Spirit Promises You. Your inheritance will be the Earth. The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth . . . rainbow2

When you become certain that you, your dreams, your goals, your gifts, your passions, and your path are important enough to stick with regardless of who stays, who goes, who compliments you, or who disses & dismisses you, your auric field will begin to close down and will cease to be open field for any and everyone that would like to summon you for your time, life force energy, attention, touch, care, talents, gifts, and dreams. Get more and more specific everyday. Ask of your guardian angels, higher self, intuition to keep you on the right track everyday in thought, attitude, and conversation with other people. It works. Anytime I remember to do this it absolutely works. If you are apprehensive about having to interact with people that are known to put you in a space that may send you spiraling into questioning your True Self & Path. Tell your Guardian Angel:

I am moving closer and closer towards my Highest Good Every Moment

I keep my energy High

I ask that my mission, energy, thoughts, feelings, interactions stay High, at a inspirational vibrancy rate the thoughts, and energy coming from others that does not have this intent is not allowed to penetrate into disturbance of my peace 

If you would like to know the name and attributes of your guardian angel click on this link.  Scroll down the page to the Guardian Angel Reading. Peace to you All.

Daily Horoscope|February 9, 2018|The Season Finale of You | You Have Completed A Cycle | Spiritual Awakening

Waning Moon Sagittarius|Today is a great day! Sagittarius is jovial, auspicious, and moral. The waning moon is guiding your cleansing, purifying, and rest. Today if you don’t wake feeling “with it” try listening to and repeating positive affirmations. Its a time to to uplift and fortify all the hard work you have been putting into your process. You come to sudden conclusions and have an AHA! moment today. Allow things to go well. Allow the good in. If you don’t feel like you are in a good mood be your own best friend and pull yourself out of it. Take advantage of the fun Sagittarius energy and get into it by any means necessary. Spice it up!

Body | Reflexology |Thighs | Essential Oil: Black Pepper

Angel 64 | MEHIEL|How to Invoke Angel: Breathe in while saying the Angels name or Breathe out while repeating the angels name (3x)

  • Vitalization, inspiration
  • Intense Productive Life
  • Antidote against the forces of darness
  • Concerns writing, printing, publishing, distribution, bookshops, orator
  • Beneficial force for intellectual activity, for computers and programming
  • Technological development
  • Concerns television and radio programs
  • Develops mental faculties in harmony with the imagination
  • Helps understand and reflect upon personal experience

Tarot Card of the DAY |HANGMAN & DEATH|LET GO and allow your TRANSFORMATION to take over your being. SURRENDER to your true Self, your true CALLING. Answer the call of Spirit, of Divine Inspiration, and turn towards your helper guides. Go within and listen to, visualize and receive the vision of your new life. Step over the energetic threshold and TRUST that you are at the right place, on the right plane, at the right time. Everything you need to know will come to you at the perfect time. You have made it! You are celebrated! You are an amazing  spiritual leader inspiring others just by how you live your life. It takes skill to WAIT, and ALLOW, the universe to take you over the threshold from being dedicated but uncertain to CO-CREATION. You are experiencing an opportunity to KNOW who you are and just what to do with the SELF that is been gifted to you. Congratulations!


Rune of the DAY|DAGAZ RUNE|Dagaz | The Dawning of a New DAY! Spiritual completion. Awakening. Graduation. Unification of duality. Coming out of the darkness into the light. Self-understanding leads to awakening. Leads to strength of character. Being a peace with whatever is in the light. Humble in the light. Celebrate yourself. Achievement of your goal. Fulfillment.

Numerology|9| Today is a 9 day. Accumulation of ALL energy. A master of walking the paths of life. There isn’t a thing else for you to do. You are complete. Today is day of celebration. You can communicate with anyone with wisdom, knowledge and understanding because you have seen and been through it all. Share your true compassion with others  by giving your comfort and counsel or enjoy your personal victory. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Daily Horoscope|February 6, 2018|Make Wish from Within Your Self Love.

Waning Moon Scorpio|Scorpio Moon Days always feel halloween-ish. Look outside even if its early morning, mid-afternoon there is a twilight, a haze, almost like the sun is going down. Scorpio energy is about evolution, transmutation of energy, power, emotions, and manipulation. Known to be moody, edgy, dark and brooding on the inside but sunshine on the outside. That is a Scorpions power. The power to hide emotional depth and undercurrents until they are in a safe place to unveil their deep sensitivity. Watch out for the Scorpion sting! If you hold back too much, you may just play yourself. Do share yourself and do share yourself in a safe environment. You may feel sensitive to the touch today. In need of love but you may not know how or want to express it.

Body | Reflexology | Sexual Organs| Essential Oil: Patchouli

Angel 64 | MEHIEL|How to Invoke Angel: Breathe in while saying the Angels name or Breathe out while repeating the angels name (3x)

  • Vitalization, inspiration
  • Intense Productive Life
  • Antidote against the forces of darness
  • Concerns writing, printing, publishing, distribution, bookshops, orator
  • Beneficial force for intellectual activity, for computers and programming
  • Technological development
  • Concerns television and radio programs
  • Develops mental faculties in harmony with the imagination
  • Helps understand and reflect upon personal experience

Tarot Card of the DAY |KNIGHT OF PENTACLES (R)|There is a need to share your true self but you experiencing a developmental block. You want to move forward but there are some psycho-spiritual issues that need some tender, love, and care before you charge ahead. Spend some time nurturing you inner child by asking him/her what they need, what they are feeling, and how you can be there for this part of yourself. This is a positive card either way. You just aren’t quite ready to show off your bright and winning personality just yet.



Rune of the DAY|WUNJO RUNE|Wunjo Arith Härger | Make a wish wish upon your highest self. The goals that are set by your soul this lifetime. Knowing the correct wish to make is a science. It takes clarity and knowledge of self. This rune is about positive heartfelt clear communication between yourself and your community. This is the room in the energy that healthy societies and Healthy Families is based on. Positive functioning/bonding within the community and being loved, not being taken for granted. Today don’t take yourself for granted look in the mirror and see who you really are and what you really truly want deep down in your soul.

Numerology|6| Today is a 6 day. The number 6 is a number of love of healthy family communal love. The love that you have from within comes first and it spreads to your family without. This is the motherly number of nurturing and nourishment. Today emotional Wellness is in the air so look for signs from your environment that make you feel he’ll protect it safe warm and love.