Super Full Moon Gemini 12/3/2017: Full Moon Bath Ritual

The effect of the lively Gemini Super Full Moon are already tip toeing across my essence. I feel my vitality in my sexual essence and my physical energy is ready to take flight. Since the Scorpio New Moon we have all had our head down the last two weeks doing what we need to do in order to prepare to receive some the benefits of setting new intentions and working hard on the foundation. Although the work has just beginning it is time for some much needed pampering and self-appreciation, Goddess gratitude and me-time. There are many planetary transits happening that will not only effect us on a personal level but may effect us globally. It is important to have a fortitude of the strength that permeates past this physical realm. Keep surrendering to your True Self even in the hardest of times. We are making our courageous trek to the Golden Age, because we will have been tested and come out pure, tried, and true. In our lifetime we may not see the fruits of our labor but we will have passed down the genes to our offspring and things will continue to get better and better for us, for them, and beyond.

Water is an important element not to just quench our thirst but it stands for stability, fluidity, solidity, firmness, flexibility, and adaptability. Water like the moon is a conduit of awareness and every day life force on the earth. It takes many forms to help us heal. It is a mirror of our intentions and it is important to see the sacristy of water because we are looking into the mirror of our Soul.  This Ritual is from the book Women’s Power to Heal. Celebrate the Full Moon with a Goddess Bath.

The Practice: Full Moon Bath

Timing: On the full moon and for three days thereafter

Do Not Fulfill: Moon Cycle; bleeding; or during mourning

Ideal Time: Early Morning; early evening

Full Moon Herbs & Essential Oils:

Rose Petals, elderflowers, hops, lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, raspberry leaves, violet flowers, and passion flower. You can also substitute with season herbs such as thyme, parsley, sage, and mint. In the book she recommends to use only organic herbs and essential oils, do the best you can, its all about intention. If you don’t have a tea bolus to put your loose herbs in, don’t through away the roughage after your bath. Place them back into the earth or in your compost.

Sample Recipe

You could use a cotton handkerchief to place your herbs into.

1/2 palmful of rose petals

1/2 palmful of raspberry leaves

12 drops of lavender essential oil

Bath Instructions

Fill your bath with warm water. Drop your bolus and your essential oils into your bath. Allow it so sit for 5 minutes before offering up your prayers. While facing east or north scoop a palmful of water with your right hand and ritually wash both your hands with water, allowing some of the water to fall off your hands into the water. Take another palm full in your right hand and this time offer is to the Goddess and allow the water to drip from your finger tips into the water. Recite this mantra three times as you pour the water from your hand.

Om apah upa sprishya

Unto You, I sprinkle water

Do not perform this sankalpa, sacred intention, if you know you’ll be interrupted by your phone or your children. Once this offering has been completed, take your bath. It is important that you complete the bath without interruption once you have offered the water sacrament to the Goddess. The act of preparing your tub, ritual washing of the hands, offering of water tot he goddess, and finishing your bath must be done in one fluid and complete act for your offering to be received by the goddess and for her water blessings to be returned to you.

In recognizing the sanctity of water, you’ve bathing not only the physical body, but the mind, spirit, and ancestors as well. Strengthening your biological water element helps you to build stability and vitality of the body, mind and spirit.

The Ultimate Lie: Unworthiness

The ambient abuse of Narcissist runs deep. Their illness permeates the environment of their children, wives, housemates, co-workers, and everywhere else they are. Not to demonize them because I do believe that the Goddess can heal us all. And children especially learn through absorption of energy. The core of a narcissist energy is a belief in a lie. The lie is that’ I am not important(worthy).’ Because narcissist don’t look within they see within as without, the message they project is ‘you are not important.’ They enforce this belief  and drive into your system as if you are evil if you don’t give this exhausting belief you religious attention by the way they look at you, the subtle petty draining words they say under their breathe, and the complimenting you and public but putting you down in private.

The secret that you must always remember as you are healing from this illness that has infected all of us in some way shape or form is that you can never not be important. Every cell in your body and everything around is responding to you. You are drawing unto you everything you want, need, and desire, by the power of attention, intention, emotions, and actions. You are important to every cell within and without you. You are important to your higher Self. Your Selfs are your Cells. That is how we are all one! All of our Celfs are connected you can never not be important to every cell in your living body! Remember that hold on to it. No one can take that away from you.

The Journey of Fool: The Wise and Whimsical Path of Tarot through the Major Psychological Archetypes

8181174ad4c0d619018dc5a478066787I love the number 0. Its a completed circle within itself and sits in the middle of the number scale between all the positive and negative numbers. The thing I love about 0 the most is that it means you can do what you want. The thought of doing whatever I want sends a jolt of excitement up my spine. When we begin a journey (the Fool) there are automatic programs (archetypes) that are activated and then we realize that doing whatever we want is a bit more structured than we originally thought. First you have physical needs that must get met, that is a limitation that we as humans run into everyday. As we know everyone handles our collective limitations differently. There are as many different ways to handle our limitations as there are people on earth. The Magician and The High Priestess present this poor Fool with the tools he needs to start his journey because of course he didn’t know he needed tools. The universe blesses us immensely because isn’t it often that we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into when we ask for what we want. We unknowingly dive head first  into the energetic waters of our destiny.  So the universe goes here are your cups (emotions ,element water), swords(mental, element air), wands(actions, element fire), and pentacles (money, element earth). The Magician is a number 1 has the power and the tools to propel his life forward in the direction that he wants to go. He willing fight for what he wants. And the fool has the poor of the High Priestess  which is a number 2 has deep within the recesses of his consciousness that gives him the courage to listen to his inner self when faced with forks in the road. The High Priestess is able to examine the light and dark and with her wisdom and intuition see what is before her and how best to handle situations that arise.


The Empress is the number 3, creativity, The Emperor is the number 4, building foundations. The Empress teaches the Fool how to give birth to her creations. The Lady in this picture is pregnant with life and is sitting in the plushness of the earth on a wood throne, with her bare feet taking in the energy of the earth. There are rolling hills behind her that symbolize the expansiveness of nature. The baby in her belly is the great mystery of creation coming to life. A healthy baby needs a nourished and healthy mother. She is confident that her needs are met here and now and will be forever. The cornucopia of fruits gives her plenty of food to eat and she is the Archetype of Mother Nature. Abundance, Security, Giving Birth to Consciousness and New Life, ruling the veils of the seen and unseen, the cosmos mixed with the earth. The Emperor is a stern leader, that can be controlling at times and egotistical but this is needed in order to create something with foundation and the will stand the test of time. He will guard what is created by the Great Mother Nature. He is the boundaries of life and also the limitations. He knows how to get down to business, and sits on a stone throne high on a mountain. It is neither plush or comfortable because he doesn’t plan to sit long, he’s sitting to come up with the best plan, then he’s got work to do.


The hierophant is number five in the lovers is number 6. The hierophant is also known as the high priest. At this stage the fool is looking for more answers than just “trust the universe.” He is researching and studying nature in a more scientific way. He’s studying symbols that make up nature He wants know how to use them right. He ask why is this or that important? Why can I just do what I want? How do I use what I have learned in my life? Who is God? Why cant I see him? How does this entity  operate and exist with and inside of me?

He is coming in contact with the mysteries of life that know, As Above So Below. The Fool has some choices to make, which path is he going to follow which god or goddess is he going to trust. Or is the God within him? He decides that God is on his side and that life is a journey and knowledge doesn’t have an expiration date. He incorporates the high priest and the studious nature within himself. And then he gets the pleasure of running into a reflection of himself and puts some of the things that he’s learned from the hierophant into practice. Knowledge is only powerful when you can integrate what you know into the experience of your everyday life. How do we incorporate the experience of intimacy without goddess? How do we know for sure that what we have learned is worth anything? Reading and mental knowledge can possibly bring about a dogma that imprisons instead of freedom. Freedom comes after you know that you know that you know from experience, that is either wisdom from this life or past lives. Then you can work with the rules and break the rules because you have a relationship with the mother goddess.  And all relationships are built on trust and feelings. But how do we as humans practice integrating with the Mother? We practice with one another. That’s when the Lovers card comes into the play. You best believe that your soulmate is going to let you have it if you claim to be this knowledgeable person about spirituality and you don’t practice what you preach. They’re going to hold you accountable. In the picture of the lovers card the woman is focused on the higher power and the man is focused on the woman.  This represents the connection between the feminine energy. Women are more naturally inclined to hold a resting place and flow of energy between her the highest power. It is a natural inclination that has gotten passed down from ancient times. In order to expand and move masculine energy needs a connection to the feminine energy, one of the ways masculine energy makes a connection with feminine energy is to communicate through the heart chakra in relationship of love. A sacred union is created and the give and take between the masculine and feminine energy teaches the feminine bravery of movement and the man learns to trust in spirit. Any distrust in spirit you’ll feel alone in the world and disconnected from your very own nature. The Higher Power is why everything is here and secure. That is part of knowing the Lover. The Goddess is a computer and all her creatures are running on her loving programs. Humans were given freedom (5) of choice as whether or not they want to live in knowledge of this program. The Mother’s program runs on love and nourishment (6) for all of her beloved aspects of nature. We have choice as to whether we want to love ourselves, each other, and her other creatures or feel disconnected and have a hellish experience with the illusion that we are alone.

to be cont . . .

November 18, 2017 New Moon Scorpio in the Houses | Shadow Integration

This year has been awesome, bad, good, and ugly for us all. This Scorpio New Moon has come in the nick of time to give that much needed martian energy and push to keep  us going and energized when we feel low on strength.  The charisma of Scorpio is that of a light at the end of the tunnel. Scorpio is that ex drug addict, ex pimp, preaching and sweating, and maybe slipping a cuss word in the pulpit, who rose from the ashes and lives to tell it like t.i. is to the inspired and mesmerized congregation. But first we have to surrender to our wounds and self-sabotage patterns in order to finally give them over to Mother Nature. When we admit to our most out of the way pain it makes a space for us to be aware of how Spirit is blessing us right now, instead of seeing our blessings as something that we will receive at a future date. Gratitude for what you have right now is a positive affirmation in the face of transformation. How you transform you  will be taken with you on the other side. Nothing is matured and harvsted that isn’t worked for.  During our weakest moments of hurt, pain, and crying for mercy mother nature gives us our biggest gifts of mercy. Scorpio New Moon is our opportunity to go with the flow, with this energy we have extra help. We need it. We need to see, to know, to examine, so that we can turn in a new direction. Not that we are guilty of committing a crime, but may be in danger of not making to the other side if we don’t heed Scorpio stinging warning. Change or else. We feel it, it feels exciting, with Scorpio in each house it’s not can we do it, its how we do it. Be kind to your healing, be kind to your transformation, come closer and draw nigh to the Mother.

These videos were done live in my Facebook group Tarot Readings and Awakening Support. I am going to go through the houses and how they may be affected by the New Moon in Scorpio for November 18, 2017. The first video is houses 1,2,3, and 6. The second video is houses 4,5,7,8,9,10,11, & 12. I pull cards from the Shaman Deck and the Ask your Oracles Deck.

Scorpio New Moon House and Tarot Reading Part 1

Scorpio New Moon House and Tarot Reading Part 2


I Made It/ We Made It

I would like to thank you blog. I would like to thank you guys in the comments. I wrote through the self-doubt, tightness, kundalini awakenings, bad and ugly feelings. I did my best to put together the words so that it could make sense to someone else. And I did it. I survived and its been a long trek but I am onward to thriving. I never gave up, the universe is within us all. We don’t have to settle for this low level of life that includes the murdering of our soul. I will never take this blog down. It is for you. It means the world to me to make it through all of this. I know a lot now. I know how to have mother nature be there for me. Mother nature loves me and nourishes me and I have a spiritual team that is there just for me as a human being living on this planet. I know who I am too. I am an active functioning part of the Mother Goddess Consciousness. I am here to help us. I am capable too. I am growing. I am pleased with myself. I have done good work. I have turned lemons into aid.  Peace to you. Peace to us. Within and Without.

What is a Ritual? & Why do them?

All of life is sacred every star in the sky and every grain of sand. Every breathe we take. A ritual is a devout observation within the medium of your customs to show your appreciation for the relationship between the Self and Mother Consciousness. During a ritual your awareness is placed keenly on the sacred to assist you in acquiring the wisdom that we are One with all and all is one with us. During a ritual you can repeat or listen to affirmations that foster the energy of the maternal mother forces that bring peace, wholesomeness, protection, self-respect, and awareness of goodness. An example of an ancient affirmation that you can say during your ritual and y this all day long after is:

Within each of us, we are One
Altogether we are One
Without each other, we are One

Why the focus on Oneness? I’m not a oneness preacher but we are all in this together to feel better. We all just want to feel ok. We feel our best and are able to be our best when we are in positive and affirming relationships not just with spirit in human form but also with all spirit within the animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and rock, mineral, and crystal kingdom. During rituals we can include the elements of fire, earth, water, air, and space. Rituals keep your psychology intact so that you can live with clarity of mind and have smooth movement. We all would like for who we are and what we do to be congruent moving us onward and upward towards our purpose and goals, along with a healthy mind, body, and soul. We would like to get along and show love and receive love from our loved ones. Rituals are ceremonious prayers that lift up and exalt the energies that assist us in our health.  Without ritual in our lives we can get entangled with destructive thought patterns that lead to a downward spiral of malefic actions that work against ourselves and those around us.

Still not sure what a ritual could be? We all enjoy thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time of year that we ceremoniously give thanks to God, our family, and for the abundance of food we have. We light candles, say prayers, and lift up the spirit of gratitude and abundance. There is even a sacrifice made in the form of a turkey. We gather around in a circle around the sacrifice and we say our affirmations of thanksgiving. And for one night we feel great about the energy we were able to put out into the universe and that we are able to receive.

Full Moon Taurus November 3-4 2017 Ritual and Support

The Taurus Full moon is beginning starting 11/3 and 11/4. The tarot cards that I would like to show you that represent Taurus and the full moon together. Taurus energy ask, what makes you feel comfortable at home, what activates your senses, and why? Because Taurus needs its creature comforts at home to rest and repair from working hard. Taurus rejuvenates with good home cooked meals, candle lit bathes, emotional open-ness that all lead to abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity. On the first day of the full moon clear your space, clean your home, make it comfy, smell good, plump your pillows, get your warm blankets out of the cedar chest. See how content you are in your home. You really do have everything you want and need right under your nose. This represents the 4 of cups. Sometimes we don’t like to clean and make things intricate because its temporary like the little girl in the 4 of pentacles building her sand castles, she puts a lot into those castles, without regard that the ocean is going to come and sweep them away. You can only control what you can do and effort you put into something, like everything else in life, what happens next is up to the Gods but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your best to make your ritual the best it can be for the joy of it all. This has been a rough year for us all and the 4 of swords represents taking a pause and centering in on yourself for some self-care and meditation. Prepare your mind and ask yourself what would make me feel the most free, prosperous and abundant? the keyword is Pause. Taurus is great at relaxing. You don’t have to have the answer right away, you can ask and walk away until the next night of the full moon. Its good to show that you trust in the Great Cosmic Mother to show you the way to consciousness. So ask and let go. During the full moon it brings our emotions to a peak of heightened awareness also take a pause to get real about how you really have been feeling to make room for the question you just asked. It is hard for the universe to show you the right way to move if you are clogged up with excess emotions. When we are bogged down and feelings are overwhelming our mind and awareness can be taken up by clutter. It is important to remove clutter inside and outside to manifest. The next evening if you are not all the way clear, you could possibly clearer than you were before. We have been having a rough year, what now do you want to manifest that would make you feel like celebrating your life? The four of wands is a celebration, you made through your initiation period, you made it through the rough patches, you got the greatest gifts life can offer, home, health, marriage, happiness, comfort, and support. Whatever will create the life you want write that down in a journal. Go outside during the second night of the full moon and sing to the Mother Goddess of All Consciousness and let her take over. You can continue your ritual purging throughout the next 10 days with cleansing bathes, healing blockages, and making a list of what you can do to manifest your dreams. The last card I pulled is the 10 of cups, the card of wish fulfillment, your intentions and rituals for this full moon is ongoing throughout the next 6 month even. Look for your manifestations into next year. Happy Taurus full moon!


What does it mean to be Good Enough or Not Good Enough?

I’m in a romantic relationship. Relationships in general are hard for me whether its romantic or not. I can be very biting and wounded animal-ish. It brings out my shadows and demons. I just don’t feel good enough and I’m afraid that people feel that way about me. That’s a sensation that cuts and hurts. My wounded mother placed a lot of responsibility on me to make her feel good enough and I couldn’t, therefore, she was constantly agitated with what seemed to be me from my perspective as her daughter. What I am learning daily is to take responsibility for my own hurts, wounds, and healing, although, it feels unpleasant, it gets the job of moving from trauma to wholeness done. Anita Baker puts it very sweetly to music in her 1988 hit ‘Good Enough.’ “I just hope you think I’m Good Enough, I hope you think I’m girl enough . . .
As I was walking today I asked that myself some questions. What does it mean to be enough and what does mean to be not good enough? How do I know I feel like I’m not enough? I guess to answer all of those questions its about sensations. I know I feel not good enough because when I go to lets say sing, or better yet to share an idea, a vulnerability, a sacred part of myself, my hearts starts raising, my breathe becomes constricted, I can’t look anyone in the eye, I am getting signals from my body that go to my brain that say there is danger, and my brain turns those signals into words and images that are then interpreted by consciousness as being not good enough. Therefore, I may or may not share myself with others and I’m definitely not motivated to keep moving in those directions with such a scary body sensational and chemical reaction. Here is the healing part. Firstly, I can ask that my mind uncouple the sensations from the images and labeling. Whenever I feel these often time stuck sensations because of what I have learned from somatic experiencing I sit with these sensations and let them arise and pass through my nervous system until I experience some type of relief/release. I do this by tracking my sensations. For example I sit still or lay down some place comfortable and either write, or say these things aloud; I feel a tightness in my back right now, its pounding, its intense, the color is black, I can feel it throbbing, I can feel it getting tighter as I put my awareness on it, I can feel other parts of my body aching, I am having a hard time breathing, I can now feel the tightness in my back releasing, etc . . . You can do this until it is all gone who until you feel like you can’t take any more. Sometimes I ask myself “Can you sit with this sensation for 2 more minutes,” or whatever time makes your mind at ease. Good Enough may just be a since of clear fundamental consciousness, clarity, well being,, a natural state of happiness that is inherent in all of us. Even our N-moms can accomplish this natural state of being if they choose to do the work, they can move from trauma to wholeness and goodness. Have a great day. I hope this helps someone because it’s healing for me to share it with you. Keep going, it gets better and better. = }


Aurora B.

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