Upright: Connected to creation and nature. In tuned with the cycles of the moon. Abundance fromafrom within and successful projects. Loving, understanding and self-respect. Stay connected to nature to keep energy high. Stay humble and grateful. You are empowered in relationships. Do not doubt yourself. People may need to grow around you.

Reversed: Drained of energy. Taking on too much or it just may not be the exact right projects. Go within and spend time resting and rejuvenating the answers will come to you. Too passive in relationships or too controlling. Dealing with a man who doesn’t know your worth. You are not a victim you are worthy of someone who is stronger.

Published by The Dawn (Aya Aja)

Aya is a proud and compassionate survivor of parental narcissistic abuse and she was awakened to her true purpose to mix popular culture and alternative health to bring as many to light of the dawn as possible. She is a sweet, youthful, benevolent spirit, who loves to share her gift of healing. She is a creator, a creative ingenue artist that is innovative to date. As a little child Aja was called the wise woman in the basement, because adults would come and ask her for her advice and her channeled wisdom was always on point.