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Welcome to A Fairy Good Life Inc. We give thanks for your journey bringing you here. We ask your Soul, “How did you intend to feel, experience, and exist this lifetime?” Our goal is to assist you with creating a Lifestyle that is unique to your Soul Signature.

We will start from where you are in your alchemical process of healing. Assisting you in becoming who are meant to be, recovering from who you used to be, and discovering your highest potential. We work with Guides, Ancestors, Angels, and The God’s and Goddess’s of creation that are for your highest and best good. Utilizing the modalities of astrology, reiki, soul sessions, & trauma healing. We are guided by Truth, Karma, Knowing, and Integrity. It is possible to clear away past karma with Spiritual Integrity. Working with Aya is one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience because she is pure, sweet, down to earth, knowledgeable, sacrificial and raw. She possesses a twinkle of Spiritual Magical Wisdom. She is a Feminine Shaman here to assist you with your Awakening process in whatever stage you are at in your process.

Along with the services A Fairy Good Life Inc. offers a youtube channel, workbooks, journals, and a Podcast (entitled The Trigger Happy Workbook which you can listen to below) to assist you on your shamanic journey. If you are interested in Spiritual Counseling click on the book button to sign up for a free Spiritual Counseling Consultation. If you are looking for a Soul Session, Astrology, or Reiki there you can click on the menu and go to shop.


Trigger Happy Workbook#17 – The Long Suffering Martyr is No Longer A Fairy Good Life Introduces Trigger Happy

Life After intense focus on Healing your Triggers. It takes a lot of dedication. You have Alchemized your life. Look at you! You are gorgeous. Join Aya for this season finale. Season 3 workbooks 18 – 25 will be dedicated to daily care. Thank you! For Personal Spiritual Counseling Sessions website afairygoodlife.com — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/triggerhappy/support
  1. Trigger Happy Workbook#17 – The Long Suffering Martyr is No Longer
  2. Trigger Happy Workbook #15 – The Dark Twisted Fantasy of Narcissistic Projections
  3. Trigger Happy Workbook #14 – My Success Doesn't Take Away From Your Success & Happiness
  4. Trigger Happy Workbook #13 – The Cheat Code: End The Game for Narcissist
  5. Trigger Happy Workbook #12 – The 4 Secret Shames of Healing After Going No Contact

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