A Piece of Peace – Blue Lotus + Myrhh + Benzoin Gum – Self Igniting Incense Powder


The Root Work is at The Grounds of The Temple. As walk the grounds of the temple the scent carries you away into Ancient memories. Memories of hieroglyphics, cuneiform, and wild rituals. Processions during solstices and equinoxes. The Goddesses are in the properties of each ingredient.

Ingredients: Secret Ancient recipe base of woods, resins, and gums. Floral: Blue Lotus

Elements – Water, Earth, Fire

Planets – Venus, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Pluto

40 grams of all natural no preservatives powdered Incense.

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With a few drops of water you can make up to 12 – 14 cones depending how big or small you make your cones. Or you can burn on top of charcoal or in a sand trail. Instructions come with package. When used as powder it can last 1 month to a few months depending upon usage.

I usually use this incense when I’m doing yoga, cleaning, reading or anything that would benefit from me  being in a focused, present, meditative state. This incense helps me find bliss in the present moment. The scent is intoxicatingly rich with myrhh, sandalwood and many other natural luxurious scents. A top note of sweet Blue Lotus which has like effects of cannabis. Invite your soul tribe over it makes you feel free, creative, and talkative. You may feel vulnerable and sweet like a little child. Giddy and high.  Great to use during meditation, before bed, during yoga, while reading, before and during sessions with clients, writing, painting, or sexual ritual because it pulls you into your Soul Self.

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Weight .125 lbs
Powdered Incense

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