Wednesday Circle of Healing


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Meeting- Wednesday’s 6pm-7pm EST

Materials – Paper (it can any plain white paper, but if you are using paint get canvas or sketchbook paper) Pencil, Paint, Markers, ink pen, stamps, magazines, glue, glitter, instruments, . . . Whatever you want to use to create



Community has never not been   needed or necessary. It’s not true to say we need community now than ever. Because we have always needed community but when there is a hole, when there’s something missing, then there’s a sense of urgency. Our collective nervous system is subtly saying it’s an emergency! We need community, but we need it to be safe, pure, and wholesome. This is that wholesome space.

During circle of healing you will be creating an oracle card. This oracle card will become part of a community pool that others can also resource as messages for their own soul retrieval. This will be light Soul retrieval sessions using artistic expression. You will feel your way through your creativity. Your wounds will become seen, heard, felt, and expressed in a safe space.  You will either create from your own inner guidance. Or you will be given intuitive prompts to create. Once we get going I can see us getting very creative like going outside and finding flat rocks to write your Oracle messages on.

There were also be singing at the beginning of the session to bring us all together in harmony. Your art will be displayed in the artist salon on social media. Just like an art teacher would display your art and art class in the hallway proudly. But of course you can opt out of sharing any part of yourself that you do not want to share.

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Trauma Healing

120 minutes, 90 minutes


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