Consultation for Spiritual Counseling & Trauma Healing

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$25 will be deducted from your spiritual counseling or trauma healing session with a coupon code sent to you after the consultation. Spiritual Counseling is for person’s who are looking for a in depth energy and soul work. For more information about that Spiritual Counseling click here. This consultation is so that you and Aya can create a space that is safe. Safe for working intimately on issues that are sensitive and sacred. We will assess where you are at in your process, allow your energy to speak as to where it would like to be guided. Your energy will be read in this assessment and you will be allowed to ask questions and allotted the opportunity to relieve fears. 25 minutes.Book Here

This is mandatory for Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval and Spiritual Counseling Sessions.

1 review for Consultation for Spiritual Counseling & Trauma Healing

  1. Sadie (verified owner)

    Great consultation. I’m happy to be working with Aya in the future.

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