3 Hour Group Trauma Healing for Artist – Re-Align with Your Inner Creative Fire



September 23rd 2021 3:00PM – 6:00PM EST



Everyone is made in the image of our CREATOR. So you are a creative being by nature. If you desire to get in touch with your inner child, dreams that you thought have died, passions that have been pushed down into your shadow this workshop is for you. Life is a creative process and artist take that creative fire and turn it into mediums of communication to express themselves and bring something from the unseen world. Often when artist have experienced trauma their creativity takes a hit and effects every area of their life. Without their art they feel lifeless, like something inside has died, they feel like they are always grieving, not in the groove of life, and experience self-hatred and sabotage. Some are so dissociated that they aren’t aware that they have thIs split or how it is impacting their life. When you are a creative who isn’t creating and not living out your passion, not sharing your art  can have life threatening effects and often leads down a dark path. Trauma Healing is a way to retrieve your soul and rebirth your energy. Blaze a new path and experience light, love, and joy. Return home to good, wholesome, well-being.

You will need your artist supplies:

Sketch or Paint Paper, paints, colored pencils, markers, gel pens, ink, magazines (for collages), scissors, glue, stamps, pencils, and etc . . .

Be prepared to create real art and to feel your feelings. You will create a work of art that is cultivated by getting in contact with you your most authentic self. The layers that come up to be healed will be unique and spontaneous. This is a non-linear process that has nothing to do with the thinking mind. You will allow parts of your fragmented self that have not been seen, heard, felt, and expressed in a long time or maybe not at all to come out into a safe space to create. So, you may need to have some tissues with your art supplies.

After the session you will have your work of art, we will have a art gallery showcase that will be seen on TiKtok. You can opt out this part if you would like and keep your art for eyes only. The whole point is not to be seen on social media, but it is to set yourself free and lead others that may feel trapped within their own trauma imposed prison to join in the process. The more of us that feel safe to be ourselves , the better our world will be. Feel free! Join the Process!

Break Generational Curses, Change your DNA, Release Trauma and feel Good.



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