Knight of The Sun – Divine Masculine – Mayan Copal + Ginger + Safflower – Self Igniting Incense Powder


The Root work is at The Grounds of the Temple.  As walk the grounds of the temple the scent carries you away into Ancient memories. Memories of hieroglyphics, cuneiform, and wild rituals. Processions during solstices and equinoxes. The Goddesses are in the properties of each ingredient.

Elements – Fire, Air

Planets – Sun, Mars

Ingredients: Secret Ancient recipe base of woods, resins, and gums. Main Ingredients: Mayan Copal + Ginger + Safflower more!

40 grams / 2 oz  powdered Incense

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With a few drops of water you can make up to 12 – 14 cones depending how big or small you make your cones. Or you can burn on top of charcoal or in a sand trail. Instructions come with package. When used as powder it can last 1 month to a few months depending upon usage.

Mayan Copal Resin is uplifting and clearing. The light and smoky scent lifts up the synergy in the atmosphere. The journey I went on was earthly and sweet between oranges, Ginger, and Cacao. The scent is High energy, comfort, sweet, and spicy.

This blend became special to me because of the experience I had with the divine masculine. I experienced him as encouraging, giving me positive affirmations that wiped the past away. And the Divine Father/Masculine had me questioning why I would ever not believe in myself. He felt like a Knight in shining armor.

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Powdered Incense

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