Love Drunk 5 Day Workbook for Co-dependency


The Love Drunk Workbook is a 5-day 30 page intuitive workbook. I have tested this workbook with long-term clients who have inspired me to create this workbook and others to come. The workbook gives you guidance through the labrinyth of the inner world of a person dealing with the challenges of healing from co-dependency. Co-dependency is challenging because the defense mechanisms associated with this hole in the identity are Uber stubborn. Leaving it’s host feeling that nothing will bring happiness except for a relationship. Give yourself a chance by working through this workbook for the next 5 days. The tools in this workbook can be used for a lifetime and can be incorporated into your lifestyle. Check out the review below. Peace to you!

“Good evening! I finished the workbook. I enjoyed it. I didn’t realize why I had all these emotions coming up about relationships with men. All these emotions just hit me. Regret, peace, allowing, releasing, self worth, self esteem, and dependency. I actually was thinking about a future relationship, excited about actually being myself, recieving and giving love in a healthy manner, and being scared to love. This workbook has open alot in my heart I didn’t realize was buried. Thanks💚💚”


A4 & A5 are printable s. The Letter Size is Printable, Writable. For extra writing space check out my journals at this link


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