The Only Herbal Bath You Will Ever Need


You can order a full bag of both Protection & Sweetener. It’s important to take a Sweetener Bath after you cleanse all negativity and purify your energy so that you you add in what you want to manifest.  Sweetener Herbal Bath are baths of Love, Abundance, Creativity, Psychic Connection.


1. Comes with an instruction booklet and Amulet that you use as an affirmation for your bath. This Herbal Bath includes 13 ingredients for the cleansing of your Auric field. It will give you a reset to start fresh to create new habits. Move you on past what has been holding you back. You Will feel the reset and you feel as if 1009 pounds have been lifted off of you.


The herbs and combination of flowers, coconut, amethyst and Hiwa Kai salt will remove, unhook, unlock transformation, and help you move on past negativity that either belongs to you or does not belong to you.


2. Comes with a guide book of how and when to use this bath. Please follow instructions, herbs are very powerful and if done correctly you will really be able to change your energy.


3. You can take some of the blend out of the bag to before your bath to use in multiple ways . Great to use as protection in your home by hanging on a door, by putting some of the blend, in a satchel or to carry on your person. Place on your Altar as an offering and healing for Ancestors, Which will also heal you.


These Herbs are great conditioners for your body. Will leave the bath feeling refreshed and soft


The Sweetener Bath is a Milk Bath, Scrub with Coconut Milk, Pink Himalayan Salt, Magnesium Citrate, with Essential Oils, herbs, flowers, and spices that hold the properties of like love, abundance, creativity, or psychic connection.

Spiritual Bath Teas have been around since Ancient times with the magic of the herbal kingdom that when combined with the cells of human beings, and the power of passionate intention can open worlds, portals, and assist with protection, creativity, love, prosperity, healing and more. The effects and results are dependent upon not only the herbs but how much of your authentic emotional passion you bring to your process. The more emotions you bring to your bath the greater the results.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 8 in
Protection + Sweetner

Protection, Love, Abundance, Creativity, Psychic Connection


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