Trauma Healing/ Soul Retrieval

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A consultation is required for trauma healing click BOOK  to sign up for your consultation. 1st session 2 hours, every session after that 90 minutes.

Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval is an ancient modality  that reconnects you with fragmented parts of the soul. The effects are long lasting and often permanent changes that seem magical and would otherwise be impossible. One of the most important side-effects is the removal of stress. Why is stress removal so important? Because stress alters brain chemistry causing major symptoms of imbalance the alter the self-image and life path drastically. Sign up for a consultation today! Fill Out this release form to get started.


A consultation is required for trauma healing click BOOK  to sign up for your consultation. Fill out this Trauma Session Release Form.

Trauma healing is for people who are experiencing complications in their life due to the symptoms of C-PTSD and PTSD. These symptoms can include but are not limited to depression, bipolar or any other personality diagnosis, pains in the body that doctors cannot trace their origin, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, eating disorders, schizophrenia, numbness to life, addictions, and repeating self-destructive patterns and relationships.

Some people will feel like their trauma isn’t worth getting help for because it’s not something as perceivably great as going to war or being sexually abused but that isn’t true. A trauma can be created by something as mundane as falling off of a bike at a young age or getting surgery. There is no judgement label by the body and nervous system as to whether or not one trauma vs. the other is too big or too small.  Becoming traumatized depends on how your brain and your nervous system perceive shock  and how well your nervous system is capable of absorbing shock. After completing your sessions of trauma healing your nervous will gain strength and your coping quotient will rise.

During a session we will work on unwinding the trauma, renegotiating your relationship with the traumatic events, releasing/absorbing the trauma, and retrieving the soul. Although this is not the spiritual counseling session Aya will give you coping skills and homework so that you can learn how to live with your new self moving forward in the present. Sign up for a free consultation to find out if this method is right for you.

Keywords: stress relief, pain management, emotional wellness, essence, soul retrieval, self care, life force,

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Trauma Healing

120 minutes, 90 minutes

2 reviews for Trauma Healing/ Soul Retrieval

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly,highly recommend.Aya is so sweet and just a well rounded person,if your truly ready for a change,mentally and need some guidance,book a session with her.Aya made sure I understood everything and was so helpful,she gave me the reassurance and tools I needed to help me with my healing journey,and motivated me as well,she will not diss appoint you,100 percent recommend ✨💜

  2. Chanara (verified owner)

    She was freaking amazing ! Aya is very understanding. She is very compassionate. Very knowledgeable about spiritual things and beliefs. I believe she can help whoever . I left my session feeling like I wanted to run around like happy like a 3 year old kid. I definitely recommend her !

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