Daily Horoscope

January 25, 2018 Moon: Waxing Taurus | Plant yourself firmly into the ground, being mindful, almost in a resting/relaxed state write out your plans. Body Parts | The Knees, skeleton, and ephemeris (skin) | Hold off on knee surgeries on Capricorn moon days and sun seasons. Anything you do to with gentleness to affirm yourContinue reading “Daily Horoscope”

The Invulnerability of Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers – Grieving

I am feeling so numb and broken down right now. I feel like some people don’t like me because there is no entry point, I don’t let people “in,” and I demand respect/boundaries. I shut people out and I show them what I want to show them. I told you all that my N-mom wasContinue reading “The Invulnerability of Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers – Grieving”

BEINGness Lost and Found – Somatic Experience

The consistent abuse that narcissistic parents inflict on their children is imposing on our emotional, mental, psychic, and physical sense of being. However you are naturally inclined to BE is wrong. They way you talk is wrong, the way you walk is wrong, the way you eat is wrong, the way you smile is wrong,Continue reading “BEINGness Lost and Found – Somatic Experience”