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Welcome to Aya Bellené! We give thanks for your journey bringing you here. We ask your Soul, “How did you intend to feel, experience, and exist this lifetime?” Our goal is to assist you with creating a Lifestyle that is unique to your Soul Signature. Through modalities such as trauma healing, astrology, reflexology, divination, reiki, and spiritual counseling. Aya is a feminine shaman and has been for her last few lifetimes. She caters her services to each individual for a soul retrieving experience. Peace To You!

Our Services

Consultation for Spiritual
Counseling & Trauma Healing

Spiritual Counseling is for person’s who are looking for a in depth energy and soul work. For more information about that Spiritual Counseling click here. Trauma Healing is needed for those who suffer from the symptoms of PTSD or C-PTSD. For a little more info click here. This consultation is so that you and Aya can create a space that is safe for you. Safe for working intimately on issues that are sensitive and sacred to you, your growth, and release. We will assess where you are at in your process, allow your energy to speak as to where it would like to be guided, and come up with a plan this unique to you at this time in your process. Your energy will be read in this assessment and you will be allowed to ask questions and allotted the opportunity to relieve fears. 25 minutes. The $25 that you spend for a consultation will be deducted from your spiritual counseling or trauma healing session. BOOK

Trauma Healing / Soul Retrieval

A consultation is required for trauma healing click BOOK to sign up for your consultation. 1st session 2 hours, every session after that 90 minutes.

Trauma Healing/Soul Retrieval is an ancient modality that reconnects you with fragmented parts of the soul. The effects are long lasting and often permanent changes that seem magical and would otherwise be impossible. One of the most important side-effects is the removal of stress. Why is stress removal so important? Because stress alters brain chemistry causing major symptoms of imbalance the alter the self-image and life path drastically. Sign up for a consultation today! Fill Out this release form to get started.

Soul Readings

Soul Readings with Aya will enter you into the world of tarot and divination in order to discover your highest and best good. The signature of your soul is of utmost importance in these readings. If you are in the process of liberating yourself, connecting with your higher self and resourcing your intuition sign up for reading today and you will be inspired! Click Book to to Schedule your Session.

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