Super Full Moon Cancer |Sweet and Soft Deep Care| Romance in the Air | Self Love | Deep Healing | Erotic Love |January 2 & 3

I’ve been feeling so deeply into my wounds for the past few days. The issues that have come up is the healing of my right to take care of myself inside and out to completion.  Like many people who have been healing from parental narcissistic abuse self-care is hard work for us folks. What comes so naturally for people who have had good enough parents may not come as natural to HSP’s who are learning to be grown ups and care for themselves.

Today on the actual full moon it feels like a celebration! A celebration of not hiding shame any longer. We cannot allow our past hurt to keep us from moving on with our lives. Gently move forward, no need to push and shove. Deep care is about being specific about what it is you need to feel loved, comforted, and present. This Cancer energy luckily for us is here to assist us in cleaning out older stale pain that needs some extra TLC. Love on your pain, don’t allow your pain to push you around and don’t resist the pain. This is how remain stuck. Instead, speak gently to your pain as though you were speaking to a 3 year old who comes to you crying.

On Caner days the air is moist and emotions may be heavy protect your lungs because you cancer rules the chest so take it easy on yourself. You may also feel extra creative. Singing, dancing and painting would be great to gently move through the energy. You may be in the feels  crying, singing, and laughing while cleaning the house. Cancer rules the home as well.  Today is great day to listen to sensuous emotional music that moves your soul. Cancer is private so you may not be in the mood to share this with anyone else. Its okay if its between you and the Goddess.

Some of us are being called to a higher level of commitment to erotic self love. Eroticism is about paying attention to subtle details. Isn’t sexy when your lover notices the quirks and then points them out. Or remembers something small that you mentioned and does it with ease out of love and care.  Be your own lover. What does it for you? What makes you feel sexy inside. You don’t have to wait for a particular person to draw a bath with petals, essential oils, a glass of wine, with candles, and lingerie. Self-pleasure can you bring a depth of emotions that allows for you to flow with more self-confidence, sincerity, and higher levels of emotionally charged energy that invites you to manifest your highest desires.

Ritual – Get in Touch with Deepest Desires | From Pain to Joy!

Be gentle with yourself my love. Be soft. Take care of your sensitivities and allow yourself to cry and have your emotions today. You can do a love ritual that will help transform any stuck energies up until the 7th. For this ritual it is all about your feelings. So I can’t tell you what flowers and essential to use. Use whatever you desire. But I am going to use Rose petals. If I could surround myself with dozen of roses I would. I need dimly lit atmosphere. Soft lighting. Candles are great. You may want to play some music. Definitely a basin of water either for a bath or to wash your hands in with the flowers/ essential oil/ herbs. I want you to feel your sadness, shame, and any other deep emotions that you have been holding on to for a long time and gently guide those emotions through music, lighting, soft touch, nakedness/lingerie. I want you to lift your spirits to higher heights and allow yourself to feel into your deepest desires. Inside your disappointments, hurts, regrets and let downs is your deepest desires. Inside your deepest sorrow is your joy! A lot of times our uncomfortable emotions feel left out in the cold. Like the child that never gets picked on to play on the play ground. If you can allow your darkness to dance, sing, and play you will transform your whole existence. Every part of you wants to be included in life, felt, heard, appreciated, and expressed.


Oracle Cards Drawn



Ace of Water from Vision Quest Tarot

Fertility | emotional overflowing | love | fulfillment | happiness | gratitude |connection to the very source of being

Inner Message:

The source of life is so juicy, it fertilizes everything. Since you are no longer intent on being paralyzed by fears of separation, you are ready to get in touch with the life-spring inside you.  Simply fall into the inner juicyness that wells up on its own accord, as you will notice from now on. Allow all feelings to arise and dissolve. No judging them! Feel them completely, without struggling to avoid or cling to them. Then there will be harmony within and without.

Outward manifestation:

Your feelings can flow much more freely now and consequently change your life-style. By openly showing what you feel, you ‘speak’ the magic words that open countless doors. To admit your true feelings is to permit the exchange of the love that everyone longs for. Your task is to keep the channels open so this nourishing energy can flow. Just as the chalice filled with life-juice will never be drained, a steady stream of loving power flows through you  – a never ending stream of vital energy.

Wedding – The Romance Angels Oracle Deck

Renew your hearts willingness to love. Whether you are in a relationship or not . . . Love.

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Aya is a Feminine Shaman that proudly shares her experiences of surviving narcissistic abuse compassionately. Her purpose is to be an inspiritress that offers alternative health solutions to bring as many to light of their personal dawn as possible. She is a sweet, youthful, benevolent spirit, who loves to share her gift of healing. She is a creator, a creative ingenue artist that is innovative to date. As a little child Aja was called "the wise woman in the basement", because adults would come and ask her for her advice and her channeled wisdom was always on point. A Gurvi, a Feminine Shaman, Reflexologist, A Dawn Goddess, An Artist, A Writer, A Public Speaker, and a regular girl.

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