Daily Horoscope | February 4, 2018

Waning Moon Libra|Libra is an air cardinal sign ruled by Venus. Libra days have a feeling of intellectual detachment. “Its not what you do, its how you do it,” seems like an appropriate Libra day statement. Ruled by Venus, it is a great day to beautify with the Libra influence your judgement of taste level will be pleasing and not stuffy. Libra is a social sign that is charming. It would be a great day to hash out disagreements between you and your partners. You are more likely to listen and speak in equal measures and walk away with pleasant resolution that is a win win for all party’s involved.

Body | Reflexology | Kidney, Bladder, Hips | Essential Oil: Geranium

Angel 62 | ANAUAEL |How to Invoke Angel: Breathe in while saying the Angels name or Breathe out while repeating the angels name (3x)

  • Perception of unity
  • Success in human relationships
  • Initiator of projects and enterprises dedicated to the service of the Divine
  • Mastery of emotions
  • Sense of organization and altruism
  • Administrator, coordinator, planner
  • Merchant, banker, businessman at the service of the Divine
  • Visionary, industrialist, manufacturer
  • Logic, practical intelligence, ease of communication
  • Global vision of events
  • Citizen of the Universe

Tarot Card of the DAY |6 of Wands|Victory, Public Praise, Leadership| Today is t  he day you will feel like there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Your energy level is of that of a leader who has a multitude of followers. You can’t get anything done without the help of community. Your issues are worked through today with your leadership and trust in yourself You go forth knowing who you are now and where you came from. Today is a great day practice putting complete trust in your intuition.


Rune of the DAY|RAIDHO|raidho Today take the lead of the direction your life is going. Your smaller goals will lead you to victory towards your bigger vision. Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk. Make strides in the direction of your hearts desires, dreams, and interest. Trust your instincts and intuition to take you on the ride of your life!

Numerology|4 | Today is a 4 day realistic practical building. Building a strong and firm foundation. Doing what it takes to move step by step to complete your goals. Renewal of energy and resources. Loyal and purposeful. Manifestation of ideas. Detached emotions and outspoken about what you want. High morals and values. Understanding of how to create stability. Fate. Working hard on a mission that goes beyond the physical realm. Needing your soul mates in order to end karmic attachments.

Published by The Dawn (Aya Aja)

Aya is a Feminine Shaman that proudly shares her experiences of surviving narcissistic abuse compassionately. Her purpose is to be an inspiritress that offers alternative health solutions to bring as many to light of their personal dawn as possible. She is a sweet, youthful, benevolent spirit, who loves to share her gift of healing. She is a creator, a creative ingenue artist that is innovative to date. As a little child Aja was called "the wise woman in the basement", because adults would come and ask her for her advice and her channeled wisdom was always on point. A Gurvi, a Feminine Shaman, Reflexologist, A Dawn Goddess, An Artist, A Writer, A Public Speaker, and a regular girl.

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