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Solar Return Chart 2020 #blackfriday

Every year the sun transits back to the same position it was in when you were born. The Sun is responsible for pouring life giving energy that presents joyful energy patterns and challenging initiations. This is called a Solar Return. A Solar Return chart will show what areas in your life during a one year time span you will have the best luck and the most challenges. Sometimes you need to get back in alignment with your assignment this lifetime. Getting your chart read will assist you in working with the potential energies and get you into the flow of your true life path. A reading will include a 60 minute Astrology reading using face-time, phone, or in person. Go to the contacts tab and send me your natal Chart Info. I need your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth. Let's schedule a time together.


Published by The Dawn (Aya Aja)

Aya is a Feminine Shaman that proudly shares her experiences of surviving narcissistic abuse compassionately. Her purpose is to be an inspiritress that offers alternative health solutions to bring as many to light of their personal dawn as possible. She is a sweet, youthful, benevolent spirit, who loves to share her gift of healing. She is a creator, a creative ingenue artist that is innovative to date. As a little child Aja was called "the wise woman in the basement", because adults would come and ask her for her advice and her channeled wisdom was always on point. A Gurvi, a Feminine Shaman, Reflexologist, A Dawn Goddess, An Artist, A Writer, A Public Speaker, and a regular girl.

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